Starospišská Domáca Slivovica 50% 0,5L

Starospišská Domáca Slivovica 50% is an honest plum distillate preserved as a legacy of the grandfathers.


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Starospišská Domáca Slivovica 50% 0,5L

Discover the taste of honest plum distillate thanks to Starospišská Domáca Slivovica, matured in oak barrels after Nestville Whisky. Based on the ancient recipes of our ancestors, we strive to preserve traditions that have been passed down for over 260 years. It is the heritage of the grandfathers, their all-day efforts spent on the mountainous fields of northern Spiš and the plums from the orchards that are behind the delicious taste of this fruit distillate. The centuries of hard work of the ancestors were paid off.

Raise your glasses and toast to the legacy of our fathers!