Nestville Whisky Single Barrel 40% 0,7L

intensely sweet to smoky aroma with vanilla, caramel and fruit.

very harmonic and sweet taste of caramel. Covered in beautiful combination of spicy vanilla, wood and fruits.

sweet finish with caramel tones, wood and spice.


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Nestville Whisky Single Barrel 40% 0,7L

Nestville Whisky Single Barrel 40 % is unique and delicious whisky which received awards around the world. In 2018 it won double-gold medal in China Wine and Spirits Awards and gold medal in World Whiskies Awards. In 2021 it won silver medal at prestigious International Spirits Awards in England. Jim Murray himself gave this whisky a “Brilliant” rating in his world-famous book Whisky Bible.

Nestville Whisky Single Barrel is a special edition made in a limited number of approximately 435 bottles from a single barrel. Each bottle is original with its unique handwritten serial number, number of the barrel in which it was matured and the date of maturation. Nestville Whisky Single Barrel is a whisky that is bottled by hand only after opening a single white oak barrel in which the whisky distillate has matured for a minimum of four years. It thus acquires a richer color, a more mature and distinct taste.

The uniqueness of this edition is hidden in the flavour and age of maturing. Each edition may have a different flavour and character of aroma based on the barrel it was matured in and the maturing age. Single Barrel 40% is selected from archival stocks that have matured in our warehouses for four to six years, depending on the individual barrel.