Nestville Whisky Master Blender 2021 12yo 43% 0,7L

at the beginning, the aroma of malt combines with dried fruit and a pinch of marzipan. It continues with a slightly spicy undertone with hints of citrus peel.

light and fresh, slightly oily and lemony for a moment, which turns pleasantly warm with dry malt and sweet spice flavors on the tip of the tongue.

a malty, medium-length finish completes this unique and rare experience.


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Nestville Whisky Master Blender 2021 12yo 43% 0,7L

Nestville Whisky Master Blender 12yo is our first ever 12 year old whisky. Blend is carefully made from four hand-selected barrels and it is the best that our distillery offers to real whisky connoisseurs in 2021. To give it a stamp of uniqueness in the world of blended whisky, part of the blend finished aging in traditional Slovak mulberry barrels.