Heart of the exhibition

One of the largest wooden pictures in Europe can be found in Slovakia

Unique piece of art made by carving masters of the northern Spiš region

We have a European rarity in Slovakia – one of the largest wooden pictures in Europe. It depicts a traditional life of people living in the northern Spiš region and the village of Hniezdne which used to be the smallest royal town in the contemporary Hungary.
Seven Slovak cabinet-makers were working on it for almost 3 years. The wood used for the picture comes from an 80-year-old lime-tree and the frame of the picture from a 100-year-old spruce. The picture weighs more than 1 ton and has a remarkable size: its height is 615 cm and its width is as many as 215 cm. The picture is placed in the central part of the Park. It is ‘supported’ by solid oak trees on its sides which represent the imaginary windows to the past. These trees, as a symbol of longevity, remind us that the most precious heritage is the nature itself. It is worthy to note that there are 838 leaves on the trees while each one of them is hand-carved, of course, and there are various hidden common-life stories carved on it.

Craft on a picture